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How to fix blurred photos


When it comes to blurred photos there is no universal answer for all situations. First we need to identify the cause. What has led to this failure? We’ll look at all the most common cases.

Camera shake. This is one of the most common causes of blurred pictures. Many cameras have built-in image stabilization systems. Sometimes it does not work properly or are stopped by users playing with the settings menu. Unfortunately the digital age brings no solutions to this problem. If you have a blurred picture because the camera shakes, chances are it remain the same. You can try photo retouching services or apply yourself filters like sharp or unsharp mask to improve image 10% – 15%.

Out of focus happens when the camera focuses on a different area than the one desired. Cheap cameras have fewer points of focus. DSLR professional camera features a large number of focus points. If you have a DSLR camera that is always out of focus, it would be good to visit a certified service center, because most likely there is a mechanical failure.

Night and low light photos. One of the most difficult tasks for the camera to “see” at night. Most rooms use common effect of noise removal to improve low light images. This effect of noise removal leads to the disappearance of small details. The solution is that in the process of photo editing to to apply sharp filters. If you have a DSLR camera would be preferable to save the images in raw format to avoid noise removal applied applied in camera to jpg format.